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CARE will conduct an interview with you to establish facts related to the transactions with the third party that wrongfully received your cryptocurrency. CARE is unique in that our President was the leading investigator for Pig Butchering in the U.S. government as of his retirement date, December 29, 2023. Having an extensive knowledge of Pig Butchering and other cryptocurrency scams allows CARE employees to know the right questions to ask and to answer any questions you might have.

CARE will trace the cryptocurrency to a VASP or unattributed destination wallet using court approved tracing methods. In the past several years, the FBI has received hundreds of Trace Reports from private tracing companies that could not be used because they were done in way that could not hold up in court. CARE’s up-to-date knowledge of current case law makes the difference between future search warrants being approved or rejected by the courts.    

CARE will prepare a report of findings identifying the VASP wallets where your stolen funds ultimately made their way to (including if those wallets contain any assets to be seized) and unattributable wallets where your stolen funds still reside (in addition to the cryptocurrency’s current value as of the time of the writing of the report).

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CARE will contact local or Federal Law Enforcement on your behalf that has authority to freeze VASP accounts and provide search warrant language in a letter so the law enforcement agency can prepare and file Freeze Letters and Seizure Warrants to the respective VASPs. For clarity, CARE will not prepare or file any warrants or perform seizure of assets because it would be unlawful to do so.             

For balances still residing in unattributable wallets, CARE will make a reasonable effort to trace the funds lost in a cryptocurrency scam by placing alerts on those wallets informing CARE employees of asset movement with the expectation the funds will land in a VASP where they can be frozen and seized with the assistance of law enforcement. CARE agrees to provide these alert services for 30 days from the time you obtain CARE Recovery Services. Upon completion of the 30-day time period, CARE will notify you regarding the balance of the traced funds and the wallet addresses they reside.

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CARE has an extensive network of Bank Investigators that have the authority to freeze illicit wire transfers. CARE will make every effort to have your wire transfers frozen and returned to your bank of origin. Should law enforcement assistance be necessary in the return of funds, CARE representatives will reach out to the appropriate federal, state, or local law enforcement agency to assist in the return of funds.

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